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Problems reseting FlexCan

Discussion created by Ivan Zambrana on Mar 31, 2010
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I'm working with uTasker and MCF52235 microcontroller and I have problems when I try to SoftReset FlexCAN.

When I try to send/receive CAN messages, CAN_OTHER_INTERRUPT in uTasker is awaken. When that happens I try to reset FlexCAN, but often an unhandled exception (0x40602000) occurs when doing so the program enter in the while(1) defined inside de handler undef_int(void) in M5223X.c and stands there forever.

All the CAN interrupts are initialized (_CAN_buf_Interrupt0 to 15, _CAN_bus_off_Interrupt and _CAN_error_Interrupt) so every one has a handler.

I'm having problems when I use long cables between two boards communicated by CAN bus. I have the termination resistors at the end and at the begin of the cables.

This is my SoftReset FlexCAN code:

void fnResetCAN(void){
    unsigned int counter;
    unsigned int imask = CAN_IMASK;
    unsigned int canmcr = CANMCR;
        for (counter=0; counter<500, (CANMCR & CAN_SOFTRST);counter++){}
          CAN_IMASK = imask;
       CANMCR |= canmcr;
       CANMCR &= ~(CAN_FRZ | CAN_HALT);


Hope you can help me,