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Access Path Not Found

Question asked by Bob Sheldon on Mar 30, 2010
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I have been modifying a former co-worker's assembly code for a few weeks now by modifying the source code, saving it as a different source file, removing the old source code, and adding mine in.  This has been working fine unti, all of a sudden, a project message states :  "The following access path in target "Standard" of project "HCS08ASM.mcp" cannot be found:  {Project}..\HCS08C\prm".  Upon clicking the debug button, a warning pops up thats says:  "Enable debugger for target "Standard".  The debugger requires certain target settings in order to function correctly.  Do you want CodeWarrior to configure these settings automatically for the target "Standard"? [No] [Yes] [Cancel]"


I clicked "Yes", now two errors come up which I've never had before:  "->Cpu  ERROR:  There are errors in this bean, it is impossible to generate code.  ->Cpu  ERROR:  Error in the bean setting.  More details provided be the bean inspector for this bean."


My CW version is 5.9.0 Build 2404

My microcontroller is MC9S08DZCLC


Does anyone have any ideas as to what I might have done to cause this and how to fix it?