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Very Confused!!!!

Discussion created by Joe Banko on Mar 30, 2010
Latest reply on May 23, 2012 by Lim Sew Hyong
First: Do usb drivers for Vista exist? Second: Just got an RD3172MMA7455L kit to do some evaluation tests on a new device I'm working on. I have been trying to get this hardware up and running for 3 hours now and it just ain't happening. I'm confused on the bootloader to start with. I have found 2 different instructions for setting it up. First hold the flash button on the board while inserting it into the usb port and then release it. The ZSTAR3 GUI demo software crashes and the firmware doesn't get loaded. So I tried the second set of instructions which says to do the same thing except hold the button down all the way thru the bootloading. That seems to get the software on the stick but that's as far as it goes. Won't communicate with the sensor board. All I get is 4 giant question marks where the board picture should be. On top of that just about anything I do cause an exception error dialog box to pop up. The software will continue to run if I click on continue but this CAN'T be right. It's hard to believe software that appears this buggy is a released product. I'm running XP with the latest service pack (3 I think) and I do considerable development with VS 2008 so I have .NET 3.5 on this machine, but this is just not working. I'm frustrated as heck with this. Anyone have ANY ideas what might be the problem? Thanks, Joe B