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UDP Socket Problem...

Question asked by Kevin Cho on Mar 27, 2010
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I'm testing UDP Socket program.


I made 8 UDP server tasks and each tasks has their own UDP socket.

(MQX Version  3.4.)


Every socket was created successfully. ( _RTCS_socket_part_init  is set to  10)


_RTCS_socket_part_init = 10;


My code works fine with short UDP frame less than 800 bytes frame.


But, If UDP frame is longer than 800, recvfrom() function is never return.

(I'm not sure the exact number. But, I just tested by 800 bytes frame and 900 bytes frame sending UDP client.)


So, I traced into recvfrom() and I found OVERRUN error.

Received packet length seems to correct, however packet was discarded.


I don't understand, why overrun error occured.....


How can I received Long(1500) UDP frame.


Who can tell me where I'm wrong or something can be modified?


I appreciate any kind of your reply...


Thank you.