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Mismatch between generated S19 file and XMAP file?

Discussion created by Peder Olav Stugaard on Mar 25, 2010
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My S19 file shows data in address (ROM) where the XMAP file tells me there should not be any data...

What am I missing?


I have some code for MCF52235 and compiled/linked in CW 6.3.

This code I place from address 0x0001 C000 (se linker file).

Max. internal flash (ROM) is 0x0003 FFFF (256K)


The linker generates an error if i use length 0x00024000 for ROM, so I just use 0x26000 for testing.


From lcf file

# NB! Should have been LENGTH = 0x00024000
   rom     (RX) : ORIGIN = 0x0001C000,  LENGTH = 0x00026000


I do program this code anyway and it seems to run fine...


From the XMAP file the ROM ends at 0003E190:

>0003E190          ___DATA_ROM (linker command file)


But in the S19 data continues to about  00040B58


Please can anyone explain to me what is happening here?

What is this data in S19 that goes beoynd the XMAP last ROM address 0003E190?




Peder Olav


PS! I have atteched lcf, s19 and xmap files (the xmap and lcf files are just renamed to txt due some restrictions at this forum)