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RTCS "accept" fails when elf file size increases beyond 1499 kBytes

Question asked by Ganesh Okade on Mar 24, 2010
Latest reply on Apr 1, 2010 by Darshan Kakade


- MFC 52259 Demo Board

- MQX 3.5

- Code Warrior 7.2


Application: A TCP server application that initialises RTCS, binds the interface to an IP address and listens for connections requests on a specific TCP port and makes a blocking accept call waiting for connections.


Problem description: When a client application sends a connection request, the "accept" call returns and a successful connection is established on which further communication is also successful. However, if application logic is built into the project causing its ELF file size to increase beyond 1499 kBytes, "accept" stops responding to connection requests and never returns. After doing some tests I have confirmed that:

- the application logic itself does not make any difference as long as the total code size is below 1499 kB

- Even if the code size is 1500 kB, the accept call stops working. From this I have concluded that this problem is related to the code size itself.


Can someone give me pointers? Is this a license problem (I do not think so since my program compiles fine)? Does the RTCS library bundled with MQX have some limitation?


Thanks for the help.



Ganesh Okade

RTips Technologies