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RAM usage / task stack, have I hit the limit? is Task Stack space limited by MQX?

Discussion created by Carl Norman on Mar 24, 2010
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(MQX3.5.1, CW7.1.2, 52259evb)


I am having stack overflow problems when I add a new task, or, increase the stack on an exsisting task (by looking at the TAD stack usage), I assume this means I am out of RAM, or, the task stack space is limited.


The application ram usage (approx):


14KB of normal RAM usage

16KB worth of task stack (14 tasks in total)

I run RTCS (UDP only), ittya, ittyb, ittyc, GPIO, RTC, 6 Analogue pins, FlashX, and the SPI.


Does this sound like it would use all the availlable RAM?


I cannot see anything in the TAD or the MQXUG that details how to check the memory limits for your custom BSP.

Is there any hints or points as to how to check the RAM limits (other than task stack)?