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CodeWarrior 6.3 buggy with MCF51QE128

Question asked by WAYNE SHUMAKER on Mar 24, 2010
Latest reply on Mar 25, 2010 by WAYNE SHUMAKER

I updated from CW 6.2.2 ( to 6.3 (, the latest CW for MCF51QE128. My code size went from 88K to 95K (due to libraries) and second the application no longer works. Only if I set Optimization to 0 will CW 6.3 work properly. CW 6.2.2 works fine at all optimizations levels.
What has changed so much that the new version fails? Is there some other settings I need to adjust? It will take some time to find a small example, but I have been comparing the disassembly, but the code base is large, so it is difficult to pin point an example.
Anyone have similar experience they could relate?