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Debug multiple elf files with CW?

Question asked by basav t on Mar 23, 2010
Latest reply on Mar 23, 2010 by kef

I am working with MC9S08DZ60 controller. compiled with cosmic compiler and am using Hiwave debugger.
I have divided my project into BOOT and Application. boot code resides in the flash from 0x8200 -> 0xFFFF. Application resides in the flash at 0x1900. and have built two .elf files separately for debugging.

My issue is, when i am trying to load two .elf files, Flash is erased before each burn, and only the last file is actually be retained in Flash. due to this am unable to see boot functions when i load application.
I tried flash block protection feature in the DZ60, which is NVPROT register needs to be programmed with the value, the amount of flash needs to be protected(0xEA). After exit from reset, the high page register FPROT is loaded with the contents of the NVPROT location,
I am successfully writing it in my case. even-though it didn't solve my problem.

So my question is, Is there a way to debug two elf files simultaneously? which is the important requirement of my customer.

For time being, I built a single .elf file from boot & app. If you guys can provide some solution, it's greatly helpful.


Thanks in advance.

I am using Code Warrior 6.3 special edition