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Writing to flash memory on MCF 5235

Discussion created by David Suelzle on Mar 19, 2010
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I'm relatively new to coldfire microprocessors and I am attempting to write a single byte of data to the flash memory on the 5235 evaluation board. The flash memory device on my board is the M29W160EB. I have consulted the data sheet for the flash memory and it is possible to write a byte of data by issuing the following sequence of write commands:


Address             Data

555                      AA

2AA                      55

555                      A0

PA                        PD                      where PA is the address to write to and PD is the data to write


I thought this would be straight forward to implement, but I can't seem to get it to work. I am working with the CodeWarrior IDE  which includes a basic hello world application specifically for the 5235evb which I am attempting to modify to accomplish my flash write. The base memory address of the flash is 0xFFE00000. I am running my code from external RAM. Here is the c code that I thought would accomplish the job:


vuint8 *faddr;


int main(void)


          faddr = (vuint8*)0xFFE00555;

          *faddr = 0xAA;

          faddr = (vuint8*)0xFFE002AA;

          *faddr = 0x55;

          faddr = (vuint8*)0xFFE00555;

          *faddr = 0xA0;

          faddr = (vuint8*)0xFFE00000; /* Write some byte to some address*/

          *faddr = 0x11;



I've played around with the wait state value in the Chip Select Control Register as I was concerned that it may be a timing issue but I have not had success with that. Also, I would have thought that this would be configured properly by default.


Anyway, if someone can shed some light on what I am doing wrong and steer me in the write direction (haha) I would really appreciate it.