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Bootloader for  MPC5604BC

Discussion created by Lorenz Reyes on Mar 19, 2010
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I am about to create a bootloader but I can't find any guides regarding the usage of the Codewarrior for bootloader development. And I have still many questions

1. what are the things needed to be modified on the linker file?

2. how can I put bootloader in a defined address?

3. how will I be able to jump to application code?


I will be using a UART and will be sending the application through RS232 from PC. The communications is already working and I will not be using interrupts to on the bootloader code to avoid some interrupt redirections. Can somebody point me to some documents, webpage, or any kind of information regarding bootloader development for MPC5604BC?


Thank you so much...


(I am currently using Codewarrior Development Studio for freescale mpc55xx  version 2.5, build 91008)