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Unable to see UART output on hyperterminal

Question asked by net11 on Mar 18, 2010
Latest reply on May 17, 2010 by net11

I am using the MCF5234BCC EVB. Codewarrior v7.2  offers two targets for this board - Console Internal and Internal Ram.


 I have been trying to see the output of the simple example "Hello world" written in C. The code is the main.c from the default project in Codewarrior. I can see the output fine for the Console Internal Ram target. However when I change the target to Internal Ram, connect a serial cable and try to observe the output on a hyperterminal, I cannot see anything. The hyperterminal just stays blank. 


I have connected the COM port though a DB9 serial cable. The comunication settings for the hyperterminal are 

Baud 19200

Data Bits 8 

Parity None

Stop Bits 1

Flow Control None


What is going wrong?