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Interfacing with System Basis Chip ( SBC ) = MC33905S

Question asked by Lorenz Reyes on Mar 18, 2010
Latest reply on Mar 23, 2010 by Lorenz Reyes


I am having problems interfacing with the MC33905S. I am able to send and read SPI data to/from the MC33905S however, the circuit is always on Debug mode (wired the DBG pin to a 9V source, so that it will not reset during programming of MCU)... Sending an SPI command to release it from debug mode does nothing... As I had been checking the response, it is still on debug mode. I had checked the datasheet and it left me clueless for now...

Anybody who have some sample snippets of the flow of initialization? I just need to enable LIN and CAN transceivers from debug mode... Thanks