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Open source for IEEE 1588 PTP v2 supporting MPC831x to be available soon

Question asked by Alan Bartky on Mar 15, 2010
Latest reply on Mar 28, 2013 by zheng bi

Fellow Freescalers,


I've started the process to GPL license open source my Precision Timing Protocol software.  My current plan is to host it on Google Code and I’ve created a preliminary project page called “ptpv2d” which is the name of the daemon.  This code base is written in C based on the open source ptpd code, but with added support for PTP version 2 messages, both IPv4 and Ethernet direct, hardware timestamping (currently implemented on the Freescale MPC831x family of chips, but designed to be adaptable for other chipsets), better comments for the code, additional dynamic message support, etc.


This code will be GPL licensed under permission from myself and SNAP Networks Pvt. Ltd.


My current plans are to host it on Google Code. Comments/Questions on this forum are welcome. You can also email me directly at

I've not uploaded the code yet as I'm pretty busy including travel starting on Wednesday for a full week, but a summary of the capabilities can be found at

The draft page for Google project can be found at:

Comments/Questions/Suggestions etc. Are all welcome.   


Thanks and best regards,


Alan Bartky