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Processor Expert with M52259Demo

Question asked by Jerry Thompson on Mar 15, 2010
Latest reply on Mar 17, 2010 by Processor Expert



I am a student trying to use the M52259Demo for SPI communication. Unfortunately I do not have a very extensive background in C coding or Codewarrior IDE, so even going through the MQX v3.5 examples is confusing. I was hoping to be able to use Processor Expert, but every time I try to compile I get two errors which I have not been able to avoid:



  +INTERNAL ERROR: at line 2153: Unknown macro: "CW_PRJWIZ_MCU_NAME" (file: Drivers\MCF\MCF.drv)

  +INTERNAL ERROR: at line 121: File not found: sources\startcf.c (file: Drivers\MCF\CodeWarriorMCF_Plugin.prg)



This occurs once I have opened an MQX 3.5 stationary for the M52259Demo and enabled PE with my CPU and I/O beans.


I have also attempted to create a Coldfire project with the M52259 CPU selected and do not get the error messages, but I am unable to communicate with the MCU through the USB BDM-JM60.


If anyone could offer some insight on how I might be able to avoid the errors and/or use PE the way I am intending, I would be extremely grateful.


Thanks in advance,