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Debugging Memory Map Changes Lead to NVM Error

Question asked by Drew Rainwater on Mar 14, 2010
Latest reply on Mar 16, 2010 by Drew Rainwater

I'm trying to debug memory locations in an MC9S12A32 using CodeWarrior and a PE Micro USB Multilink.


When I change the debugging memory map locations from default, I get the following error on the next debugging session:


"Error while loading diagnostics algorithm for target..."  in a Non Volatile Memory error box.


The device still programs, and the RAM contents do seem to update properly, but I'm not able to launch the "Flash..." dialog box from the toolbar.


Here are my updated memory map locations:


Registers $7000 - $73FF

RAM $0000 - $07FF

EEPROM $2000 - $27FF

Unbanked Flash 4000 $4000 - $7FFF

Flash Window $8000 - $BFFF

Unbanked Flash C000 $C000 - $FFFF

Banked Flash $3E8000 - $3FBFFF

Banked Memory $18000 - $3DBFFF


I'm only using Registers, RAM, and EEPROM, and I'm not sure if the fact that Registers overlap Unbanked Flash 4000 might cause a problem.   I tried disabling the Unbanked Flash 4000, but that didn't seem to help.


Any suggestions on what to change in the memory map to make the error go away?


Thanks in advance.