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DSP56858 EVM download to FLASH, bootload, run -- Sounds good, how does it work?

Question asked by GARY OLMSTEAD on Mar 11, 2010
Latest reply on Apr 8, 2010 by GARY OLMSTEAD

I am using the DSP56858 EVM with CW 8.2.3 and the PE example programs to figure out how to bootload via SPI and/or SCI.  I have the ap notes about these processes.  The problem is that neither of them works.


The SCI bootloader appears to run, but according to the SCI bootloader user manual, at the end of the download process it is supposed to echo an OK to the console.  That never happens, and the program is locked up someplace.  A close reading of the EVM user manual says that it doesn't have a boot from SCI mode (Section 2.6, Operating Modes, does not list any SCI mode).


The SPI second stage bootloader user manual seems to be for a completely different program.  The manual describes screens of instructions and user selections, none of which exist in the actual code.  It says that the bootloader can read S-Record files.  There is no code for that in the application.  The SPI bootloader can only get code from FLASH to RAM.


So, how do I get a compiled program from the PC to FLASH, and then to RAM?