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SPI newbie questions

Question asked by Corominas Marc on Mar 11, 2010
Latest reply on Mar 11, 2010 by David Payne

Hi all and thxs in advance it's my first time working with SPI (and sorry for my english),


I must comunicate a HC08SH8 microcontroller and a magnetic rotary encoder (AS5040 it use a SSI interface


If I understood correctly the encoder datasheet as soon as the /CS goes LOW and it has CLK signal it will transmit trought the data line the angular position of a magnet.


How I must configure the SPI as a Master or as a Slave? Now I configured the SH8 as a master and plugged the data ouput from the encoder to the MISO line (because I want to stablish a comunication), is it correct? Nothing work for the moment, I don't have CLK signal on SPICLK output so it must be a configuration problem.


I only need to read so I must wait (polling or IRQ) until fill the read-buffer isn't it?


another question how can I read 16 bit data-transmission? the encoder give me the position data un 10 bits + CRC + some magnet data.


I need some help!