Martin Kozusky

MCF51JM32VLH won't enter WAIT mode without BDM connected (it hangs)

Discussion created by Martin Kozusky on Mar 11, 2010
Latest reply on Jun 2, 2010 by Martin Kozusky

do you have any idea, why I cannot put MCF51JM32VLH into WAIT mode when it is not connected to BDM?

When connected to BDM, everything works fine. When I disconnect BDM, unplug power and plug it back, CPU hangs (only watchdog resets it) when I try to enter wait mode ( _Wait;  macro)


It worked fine with sample of MCF51JM128VLH I received from Freescale, but now when I bought MCF51JM32VLH it only works with BDM connected. I don't know what can the problem be. HW should be the same ... I don't have more samples to try it again on new PCB I'm putting JM32 to.