Kevin Huffman

HC9S12 SPI Interface to NXP SC16IS760 UART

Discussion created by Kevin Huffman on Mar 10, 2010
Latest reply on Mar 11, 2010 by bigmac

Has anyone interfaced the 9S12 to a NXP SC16IS760 SPI UART?  I've built a test board (with logic level translators to go from a 5 Volt 9S12 to the 3.3V 16IS760) and can send / receive SPI data, but have no idea what responses I should expect from the UART device when sending configuration commands.  The NXP chip always replies with 0x00 and after completing the configuration I am not able to successfully send data through the UART (via the SPI bus) to the TTL level serial outputs.


Any help (and code) would be much appreciated.