MCF52259 PWM_PCM - In the manual but not in the headers?

Discussion created by FridgeFreezer on Mar 10, 2010
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Just setting up PWM on our MCF52259, and reading the data sheet it mentions the PCM-WPM mode:


31.2.13 PWM PCM Mode Enable Register (PCME)
Pulse Code Modulation (PCM) is a method to increase the dynamic range of a PWM. The pulse count
modulation technique works by reversing the comparison done to modulate the duty cycle of a PWM
signal. With PCM encoding the resulting output can be two times faster than with PWM, with less filtering
required on the output.
The PCME register enables PCM encoding of the corresponding channels selected in the PCME register.
For concatenated channels both corresponding channel bits should be set. The PCMEx bit only enables the
PCM functionality; it is still necessary to set the corresponding PWMx bit to enable the channel itself.
IPSBAR  Offset: 0x1B_0026 (PCME)


However, there is nothing in the MCF52259_PWM.h file about PCME, and the addressing stops at 0x1B_0024. I've searched all the other headers and found nothing. Anyone know where it's gone?


(This is CodeWarrior 7.2 and either an MCF52259EVB or our own board)