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Question asked by Leonardo Gabrielli on Mar 9, 2010
Latest reply on Feb 9, 2013 by Carlos Fernando Palma Roldán

Hello, I'm new here. I am porting and expanding a RTOS on MCF51JM128 on a Flexis DEMOJM board. Up to now everything went ok, but now I have a few questions on the STOP2 procedure, which is necessary to standby the MCU for several seconds.


1. How do I set the XCSR[ENBDM] bit? The Reference Manual say it as to be done with BDM commands, but... what are BDM commands? I can't understand. Are they commands issued by the debugger interface? I have P&E Multilink CyclonePro with Hiwave. Now how should I issue these commands? OR are this commands C commands to embed in the code? Please help me to set this XCSR[ENBDM].

(NOTE: I have to set this bit cause I believe this is the only thing preventing the MCU to go stop2 by now)


2. Do you have general guidelines on the wakeup procedure after stop2? Where should I place the code? Maybe in the __initialize_hardware() procedure or MCU_init()? (these names are given by the Device Initialization wizard, in MCUinit.c)


Thanks for the help.