Bill Lawson

How to not load RAM buffers with the debugger (CodeWarrior 7.1, ColdFire MCF5253)

Discussion created by Bill Lawson on Mar 8, 2010
Latest reply on Jul 26, 2010 by Jeremy Quandt

I'm using CodeWarrior 7.1 with the P&E Multilink Debugger on a ColdFire MCF5253.


In my project I have a very large RAM buffer which is used as scratch space and is initialized as needed at runtime.  Loading this buffer through the debugger takes a very long time, so I'd like to avoid doing that if at all possible.


In the "CF Debugger Settings" panel I un-checked the boxes for "Uninitialized Data", but the buffer is still being loaded through the debugger.  Does anyone know how to tell the debugger to not load this buffer?  Do I need to do something in the linker file to mark this memory as "uninitialized"?  The memory is declared as "static uint8 buffer[SIZE]".


Any advice is appreciated.