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Can't migrate CW to new Win7 PC

Question asked by Bryan Chan on Mar 2, 2010
Latest reply on Mar 3, 2010 by CrasyCat

My old PC died and had to move to a new Win7 PC. I've been using CW12 v3.1 with a full license. When I installed it in Win7, I first get an install error with the P&E drivers, but install continues and completes fine.


After copying my license.dat over, I can't compile c files larger than 1k. I've followed a few other posts on this forum and installed the latest P&E drivers, set mwregset.exe to run in XP compatibility mode and rerun the regserve.bat. But no luck.


Out of deperation, I tried copying my old CW directory over the new install and it managed to solve the compile limitation, but then the linker limitation kicked in. My license file has the following:


"32768 bytes of code, HC12 Compiler ANSI-C"

"32768 bytes of C code, 1024 bytes of C++ code, HC12 Linker"


XP Mode in Win7 doesn't work either because CW sees it as a remote terminal and and license file won't allow it.


Anyone with more hints I can try? My project is slipping by the day because of this.