Luis Soria

Unable I can not enable TAD / MQX RTCS Plug-Ins

Discussion created by Luis Soria on Feb 27, 2010
Latest reply on Mar 2, 2010 by Nouchi

I am following the steps in the LAB 5 ( LAB 5: Finding an Error Using Task Aware Debugging  (TAD) in CodeWarrior ) " from" MQX RTOS - TUTORIALS LAB ( MQXTUTORIALLAB.PDF ) " without success because I can not see the MQX and RTCS pull down menu.

Why I can not enable the TAD MQX and TAD RTCS Plug-Ins ( Target OS ) ?  by using Freescale CodeWarrior v7.2 Special Edition and Freescale MQX v3.5 only.

I have attached a screenshot capture.

Thanks in advanced.