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Subnetting with NicheLite

Discussion created by David Kinsell on Feb 27, 2010
Latest reply on Mar 2, 2010 by David Kinsell

I'm using the NicheLite networking stack on a Coldfire 52233 processor.


If the subnet mask is set to, then everything works fine, I can communicate with the Coldfire by adding a route table entry to the workstation.  Coldfire and workstation are on different subnets.


However, if I set any subnetmask, and DHCP is not in use, then the device does not respond to pings or any other requests to it.  The ARP who-has/tell communication looks good, but the device won't answer the ping.


It seems like the device just won't respond to activity off its subnet, with a subnetmask set.  Other tcp/ip implementations I'm familiar with work fine with just the entry in the workstation routing table.  Is there some reason the NicheLite stack is so picky?