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CF SPI Issue

Question asked by Glenn Sandy on Feb 26, 2010
Latest reply on Mar 11, 2010 by Glenn Sandy

I am using a CF52QE128, I have a SPI slave interface, I am receiving charactyers in the input  successfully and trying to send 8 bytes of a data structure out. I am seeing the same bytes repeating on the SPI MISO , The Bean is set for TX Buffer size 1 and the RX Buffer size is set for RX Buffer size = 1;  I am calling a send char and receive char task.


When I step through the code I see that the data is coming out in the SS1 bean as expected. Is there something I am missing; I originally  tried to set up the SPI SS bean with an 8 byte message and set the bean to TXBuffer size 8, this is where I first saw the problem, the SPI port seems to be feeding out additinal bytes ( or looping) , it is not sending out the empty char and instead repeating some values.


The TX and RX share the interrupt signal I am not running the port fast although we swap from 512KHz to 2.048MHz depending on the byte sequence. I tried to disable other interrupts but this is happening all the time, some bytes dont get repeated by most do.