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Discussion created by Byron Dally on Feb 26, 2010
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Im new to HSO8

Im just trying to get basic interrupts working and struggling :smileysad:


IDE: codewarrior for microcontrollers 6.3

chip: MC9S08GT60

hardware: cyclone PRO (HC08-HCS08)


So If im basically just trying to set up timer 1 interrupt to flash an LED connected to PTDD_PTDD1, I dont get anything happening.

Iv checked the port is setup correctly, so then its just to do with the ISR.


are ISR's handled while running through the cyclone pro?


Is one able to set more than one breakpoint at a time? I cant seem to set a breakpoint in the ISR?

ALso I was getting an ILLEGAL_BP error in simualtion mode, and also ' bus freq out of range'.


Any help?

please find the files attached, they're pretty simple.