56800E Flash programmer, USB TAP and 56F8002

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I'm currently using CodeWarrior 8.2.3 and USB TAP for flashing the 56F8002 on my application board. Now I want to pass it to the production guys with the 56800E Flash Programmer. My problem, the DSC stay in reset (or debug) mode after programming using the Flash Programmer. I disconnected the USB TAP and powerup the board but no change. I read the user guide three time but that didn't gave me a clue.


Is there a known problem with the 56F8002, USB TAP or the 56800E Flash Programmer?


Here is the details:


      Hardware : T30 IBM think pad

      Software : Wondows XP SP2, Code Warrior 8.2.3, 56800E Flash Programmer


      56800E Flash Programmer:

      Erasure Mode: unit

      Leave device in debug mode > uncheck

      Wait for device to power up > uncheck

      Lock device after programming > uncheck


      56800E Flash Programmer settings:

      Device Configuration File: 568002_flash.cfg

      JTAG Clock Speed: 800kHz

      Verify Programmed WORDs only > uncheck

      Use Remote CCS > uncheck

      Port # 41475

      Configure to use device > checked : CodeWarrior USB TAP

      CCS Timeout : 5 seconds


When I hit the Prgram button, everything seem ok.

      Programming details:


      Using Configuration File: C:\Program Files\Freescale\CodeWarrior for DSC56800E v8.2.3\M56800E   Support\initialization\568002_flash.cfg

     Reading File C:\Project\output\sdm_pROM_xRAM.elf.S...

     S-record ID: PROGRAM&DATA

     Connecting to CCS...

     Connected to local CCS server at port 41475

     Configured to use CodeWarrior USB TAP

     Placing the device into debug mode, please wait...

     Flash unit #0 (P:0x000800-0x001FFF) Erased, and Checked Blank

     Flash unit #0 (P:0x000800-0x001FFF) programmed, 547 words written

     Flash unit #0 (P:0x000800-0x001FFF) Verification Passed CRC32 (0xc56c810d)

     Exiting Debug Mode...




Thanks for your help.