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MCF52259 MQX RTC/interrupt issue

Discussion created by Paul McInnes on Feb 24, 2010
Latest reply on Feb 26, 2010 by Paul McInnes
I'm having a problem with rtc interrupts with the MCF52269 and MQX. I'm building a simple clock module based on the rtc. I've enabled the 1Hz interrupt and installed an isr that triggers my code to update the display time every second. It's pretty simple, I guess I'm missing something stupid, but I just cant see it. The problem is that the module freezes after only running for between a few minutes and a couple of hours. It hasnt crashed, the debugger shows it's still running, but it's no longer responsive. Breaking into the app doesn't show anything odd, the stack trace doesnt point to any obvious problems. In my test app, all I have is this module running in the main mqx task, along with the display driver, and another task listening on a network port for incomming control signals. If I remove the interrupt code, and poll the rtc, it all works perfectly. The code is shown below, error checking has been removed for clarity. Odd things which may or may not be relevant - Chaining to the previous isr doesnt work. The code hangs immediately if this call is not commented out. The call to _int_get_isr_data() returns NULL. I'm not clear whether this is an actual error or whether the old isr simply has no data. Any insight would be most gratefully recieved. paulm /* globals */ typedef struct isrInfoStruct { void (_CODE_PTR_ oldIsr)(pointer); pointer oldIsrData; boolean isrDone; } isrInfo, _PTR_ isrInfoPtr; /* my isr */ void rtcIsr(pointer dataPtr) { uint_32 intSource; VMCF52XX_RTC_STRUCT_PTR rtc; rtc = _bsp_get_rtc_base_address(); /* check which interrupt */ intSource = rtcReadReg((pointer)&rtc->RTCISR, TRUE) & rtcReadReg((pointer)&rtc->RTCIENR, TRUE); if (intSource & (MCF52XX_RTC_RTCISR_1HZ)) ((isrInfoPtr)dataPtr)->isrDone = TRUE; /* Chain to the previous notifier */ //XXX DOESNT WORK - must be commented out (*((isrInfoPtr)dataPtr)->oldIsr)(((isrInfoPtr)dataPtr)->oldIsrData); isrInfoPtr info = (isrInfoPtr)dataPtr; (*info->oldIsr)(info->oldIsrData); /* clear interrupt flag(s) */ rtcWriteReg((pointer)&rtc->RTCISR, TRUE, intSource); } /* rtcIsr */ // In Main(): /* install rtc isr */ isrInfoPtr isrDataPtr = _mem_alloc_zero((_mem_size)sizeof(isrInfo)); isrDataPtr->oldIsr = _int_get_isr(_bsp_get_rtc_vector()); isrDataPtr->oldIsrData = _int_get_isr_data(MCF5225_INT_RTC); isrDataPtr->isrDone = FALSE; _int_install_isr(MCF5225_INT_RTC, rtcIsr, isrDataPtr); /* set up rtc */ /* ... */ retval = _rtc_int_enable(TRUE, MCF52XX_RTC_RTCIENR_1HZ); // In processing loop: if (isrDataPtr->isrDone) { /* do stuff once per sec */