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Combine firmware for HCS08 and Coldfire V1

Question asked by Robert Imhoff on Feb 20, 2010

Hello J2MEJediMaster,


Since the HCS08 and Coldfire V1 both use the BDM connector, is there any hope that a future upgrade would be able to combine the firmware for connecting to the two devices such that the same OSBDM could be used for both parts without requiring it to be reprogrammed when switching, say, between a MCF51QE128 and a MC9S08QE128 ?


As a small aside, there is a typo in the JM60_Signal_Chart.xls of the osbdm-hw description: the mcu signal  PTF2/TPM2CH0 for TBGND_OUT should be called PTF4 instead of PTF2.


Best regards