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Is it possible to use CodeWarrior to run with an operating system?

Discussion created by Antony McDonald on Feb 18, 2010
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We have our own operating system and we want to use CodeWarrior to write projects for use with our operating system. We want to create a project that has no startup support what so ever as we have our own startup files. We don't want to use the debugger  information and need to produce binary data. We set up a project and the system set up startup etc even though we set the project up with no board support etc. After deleting all the unwanted files we managed to get the compiler to compile the project but. The binary had debug information in it. We noticed the same was true for the S record it had two entries at the start on the section. This was our wanted data in this casea header 'MEMS' and the same address was repeated with 0x0, 0x0000000C the header size.


Please help!!