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n00b Question about AN Port, GPIO and reading 8 bit words

Question asked by Justin Abraham on Feb 17, 2010
Latest reply on Feb 18, 2010 by Justin Abraham

ok so i've been working with MCF52235EVB for some time now. i now want to build my own MCF52235 PCB to do some stuff. one of the things I need to do is read 16bit parallel words. so i thought i could use one port to read 8 bits MSB and another port to read 8 bits LSB.


i read through the reference manual and see that analog port (PAN[0:7]) and the interrupt port (PGP[0:7]) are two seven bit ports. so i can set these two ports to be GPIO and digital inputs and read in the words.


is this the right way to do this? any obvious mistakes?