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Question asked by Lakshmi Singh on Feb 15, 2010
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We have developed two products using Freescale MPU, MCF52233 & MCF52212. (Using EMBEDDED C)


Now we are designing another product to be developed, using MCF52233 & MCF52211 64 pin package. For this, we would like to switch from Embedded C to Embedded C++.


Is EMBEDDED C++ recommended to use for these two processors? Our MAIN goal is to use MULTI THREADING  RTOS, to achieve multi tasking using these two processors.


Please Note:


MCF52211: Flash/SRAM = 128/16k Bytes

MCF52233: Flash/SRAM = 256/32k Bytes


Is it possible to port MULTITHREADING RTOS (like, interniche coldfire_lite) for 52211 processor & achieve multi tasking? Has anyone tried this out?


Has anyone tried to use EMBEDDED C++ for either of the two processors (52211/52233)?