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SMAC and JM60

Discussion created by Esteban Azaretzky on Feb 13, 2010
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Hello folks :smileyhappy:


I'm trying to use a JM60 with a wireless antenna based on a MC13192. The idea is build a packet receptor with USB interface. 


To develop the firmware I'm using the SMAC provided by Freescale. I don't know how to write the useExternalClock() function because I'm already using an external clock reference for the USB module. Is this a problem?


This is the current schematics design that I'm using:


It's a little bigger so I didn't post as an image. If anyone see something wrong in the schematics, please tell me so I can correct it. And off cource any help on how to write the useExternalClock() function will be great :smileyhappy:


Thanks a lot and sorry for my english :smileytongue: