MCF51 - CodeSourcery - Checking Application Flash CRC

Discussion created by LEPOURRY Julien on Feb 11, 2010
Latest reply on Apr 6, 2010 by EARL GOODRICH

Dear all,


I am using MCF51AC256, and I need to verify flash memory CRC as described in AN3257.


I need a simple method that does not interfer when compiling a new software release.


My code is build with 2 parts :

- Fisrt a Bootloader system. (here I will verify flash CRC before starting the application)

- Then the application.


The Bootloader is flashed only once time and is flash protected.

The application is flashed by final user when he need to change firmware.


The computation as explained in AN3257 is under control (I use a CRC method using hardware CRC engine in the coldfire instead of the XOR method described in the AN3257.)


The C routine to realize the CRC compute on the flash should be implement without trouble.


The main matter is :

How should I manage the "original" CRC as simple as possible with minimal impact when compiling a new application release ?


All yours ideas are welcome, thanks.