S12x256 - ILLEGAL_BP error

Discussion created by D RAM on Feb 11, 2010
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Pretty new to S12x. Seeing ILLEGAL_BP error pop up on my debug window (CodeWarrior). At that point, the Assebmly window shows reads FF13 DEY where FF13 is the address, and DEY? I don't know...

When I looked into other posts that talk abou ILLEGAL_BP error, it says

(a) step through code until you bump into this - and I tried doing this, but it appears that it may be triggered by an interrupt which has not happened yet!

(b) other reason could be unhandled vector. i looked into my vector table. nothing out-of-place. In fact, the memory location FF13 is not even set to contain any vector. Its either FF12 or FF14. FF12 is set to SystemCall. I guess the exception occured at FF12 and the IP got incremented by 1, and froze at that point - right?


Anyways, would be glad if any of you could tell me the steps to proceed to resolve the issue.

Oh yes, by the way, the SP (stack pointer) reads 0 (and IP=FF13). So, it is a stack corruption?  


Thanking you all a lot for your time and  efforts to read and possibly reply to my post...