MQX 3.4 USB Device stack CDC Class USB_APP_DATA_RECEIVED event issue

Discussion created by SUBHASHINI MANNE on Feb 10, 2010
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I am using the sample example from MQX 3.4 version.


These are my observations:


1.When I send  data using Hyperterminal,  device  sending back the same character.

2.I developed PC application which sends more than one character.This case always I am getting  data size as( dp_rcv->data_size) 1.


When PC appliction sends data bytes, USB Device stack is  generating USB_APP_DATA_RECEIVED  event but  with data size (dp_rcv->data_size) = 1


This code snippet is from function void USB_Notif_Callback(uint_8 event_type,void* val,pointer arg)(virtual_com.c)


 else if((event_type == USB_APP_DATA_RECEIVED)&&
                                              (start_transactions == TRUE))
            uint_32 BytesToBeCopied;           
            APP_DATA_STRUCT* dp_rcv;
            dp_rcv = (APP_DATA_STRUCT*)val;
            BytesToBeCopied = dp_rcv->data_size;
            for(index = 0; index<BytesToBeCopied ; index++)
              g_curr_recv_buf[index]= dp_rcv->data_ptr[index];

                        g_recv_size = index;