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EQADC Result FIFO overflow is disturbing storage of results at the right software locations

Question asked by Raghu das on Feb 8, 2010
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I am converting 32 commands of analog input through EQADC of MPC5566 controller. I am using 5th command FIFO and using EDMA channel 11 to transfer commands from user software command buffer to CFIFO 5 and configured sampling time as 8 ADC clock cycles. The clock used here is 144Mhz.

 EDMA channel 12 is used to tranfer result from RFIFO 5 to software managed result queue.


I have observed that there is a mismatch in the storage of results at the correct location of software queue that has been set by user and this is occurring when result fifo overflow flag is set. I configured result overflow fifo overflow interrupt and adjusted or realigned the result queue. But I want to know what is the root cause for this. Can anybody help me to find the root cause for buffer mismatch?


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