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Linker finding multiple file entries

Question asked by GARY OLMSTEAD on Feb 5, 2010
Latest reply on Feb 6, 2010 by GARY OLMSTEAD

I have several programs that have been working for some time, always linking properly.  Today, I suddenly started getting a message that complained that every file in the project was entered twice.  Sure enough, they were, even though there have been no significant changes in months.  I tried deleting the extra files from the Link Order tab, (leaving them on the Files tab) and now I get a Compile Failed message with no other explanation.  I added the files back in, but I still get the Compile Failed message.


I also now get a message that says


"INTERNAL ERROR at line 490: Unknown macro: "PECW_CompileOptionsGap" (file:Config\Compiler\MetrowerksHC12CC.chg)

Hint: The -BfaGapLimitBits0 complier option has been added to the current target."


At one point, I was getting a Warning: L1016 message, but that went away when the compiler failed message showed up.  I looked up L1016, but all it says is that files are listed twice in a list but that isn't true.


This is from CW for HCS12.


If it matters, I have recently been running a separate installation of CW for the DSP56K.  That program is working correctly.


Any suggestions?