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SD Card: NOT A DOS DISK! You must format to continue.

Question asked by Mike_d on Feb 5, 2010
Latest reply on Feb 15, 2011 by Petr MacHala

When I plug in a new SD Card out of the package I get the message, NOT A DOS DISK! You must format to continue.  Windows XP can read it fine.  I was told that MQX can read an SD Card formatted by Windows so I had XP format it with FAT32 but still no luck.


If I format it with MQX it will then work and Windows can also read it.  If I format a card with Windows that has been previously formatted by MQX everything is fine.


So I guess there is a bug in MQX. Something is being written to it that Windows does not write.  I want to preload the SD card with data before it is introduced to MQX so I need Windows to be able to format it.  Any help is appreciated.