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Radio Testing for MC13224

Question asked by Amit Patil on Feb 4, 2010
Latest reply on Apr 18, 2011 by laurent marchadier


We are working on Zigbee based battery operated device using MC13224, and as we are going to have FCC testing for our device, we are trying to find how can we do radio testing for this Micro-controller.

We tried to find some information or tools for this but in one of Freescale's documents it's quoted that "It is possible to enter continuous Rx, and Continuous Tx (with and without modulation). The control of these test modes is outside the scope of the MAC accelerator description."

If anyone can elaborate where this information is available or is there any way to do this testing, that will be great.

Are there any tools available? Are there any APIs or sample applications that can be used for this?

If not then we would need to develop the application for the same, in which we need to generate PRBS-9 or PRBS-15 patterns for data transfer. Is there any way to achieve this?