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Compiling Position Independent Code - what have I missed out?

Question asked by Steve Lewis on Feb 3, 2010
Latest reply on Feb 3, 2010 by CompilerGuru


I am working with Code Warrior for HCS12 version 5 Build 9061 


I am working on a project for the MC9S12DG128, but have transferred a lot of code form a project on the MC9S12A256.


This includes a couple of routines that are compiled as Position Independent Code (so they can be copied into RAM and run from there)


The function starts with the pragma declaration



This works fine in the first project. When I disassemble the code, the assembler uses position independent calls e.g. JSR   BT_FlashFunc,PCR


But in the new project, despite having the same routines with the same pragma, when I check the disassembled code it is not using position independent calls. e.g.  JSR   BT_FlashFunc


Is there some option I should set in the compiler settings which ensures that it will respect the pragma?


Many thanks