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Merging Processor Expert changes

Discussion created by Matt Geerts on Feb 2, 2010
Latest reply on Feb 4, 2010 by Matt Geerts

I am working with Codewarrior 7.1.2 for Coldfire development using Processor Expert for initializing most modules. I am also using TortoiseSVN for backup/branch/merge with multiple developers.


The problem that we are having is that multiple branches may include changes to PE, but when merging back into the trunk we don't know how to merge PE changes.


For example, I recently split a trunk into two branches. On the first branch I added ExternalFile bean and on the second branch I modified the I2C bean.


When I merge the first back into the trunk I can only overwrite the existing PE stuff, which is fine. But when I merge the second branch back into the trunk, I have to overwrite the PE stuff again so I lose the ExternalFile bean.


Is it possible to cleanly merge PE changes?