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Problem getting MQX task awareness to work in my project

Question asked by Rodney Harruff on Feb 2, 2010
Latest reply on Feb 4, 2010 by Rodney Harruff

I'm using a pro license for CodeWarrior version 5.9.0 build 3024 with MQX 3.4.  I've run the web_hvac_m52259evb demo and task awareness works fine. 


I created a project using the ColdFire New Project Wizard.  I then added a mqx bsp and psp cloned from the m52259evb builds.


The project runs and the context switches are occurring, but I don't have task awareness (nothing shows up under the MQX pull down besides check for new version and About TAD Plug-in).


With the web_hvac demo the task awareness appears after executing the first line of _sched_start_internal.  The same line executes in my project, but I don't get task awareness.


Any ideas?