David Sweeney

Codewarrior not connecting, but 56800E Flash Programmer does!

Discussion created by David Sweeney on Feb 2, 2010
Latest reply on Feb 20, 2010 by Paulo Barbosa


I have a board with a 56F8367 and I have been successfully programming, and debugging it from Codewarrior using a USB Tap interface. For some reason when I set a breakpoint I can not get the debug to stop execution on it. (I may have changed a Codewarrior setting, but I do not know which!) So, attempting to continue working without using breakpoints, I have now come to a point where the Codewarrior will not load a program onto my target device. If I use the 56800E Flash Programmer, It reads memory, can down load programs and verify them without trouble. I can't then get Codewarrior to connect to my board, even if I use the setting 'leave device in debug mode'. What has happened to Codewarrior?