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regarding PID control

Discussion created by shiva prasad ellendula on Feb 1, 2010
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hello everyone...
i'm working on project, in which i'm using MC9S08QD2 8-bit 8 pin microcontroller.
know i have to implement PID controller for output current of boost converter.
so, please anyone help me how to implement PID using this microcontroller.
so, after searching , i got the paper i.e, AN1215. in that microcontroller it is a 40 orsomething pin and in that registers are defined to store exponennt , mantissa everything....
so in MC9S08QD2 there is nothing like that...
so please anyone suggests me ,
1. how to convert the Digital value of ADC to analog value in the c code
2. how to convert the floating value to the hexadecimal
3. what we have to do , to make recognise the controller that, this is the floating value
4. and finally after the floating point arithmetic , how can we assign the floating value of result to the register.

i require answers for this immediately...
as i have to complete this project soon...
please help me out from this....

thanking you
Shiva prasad E