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importing a file into firmware binary

Question asked by Matt Geerts on Feb 1, 2010
Latest reply on Mar 11, 2010 by Matt Geerts

I am trying to use a 52254 to program a cyclone2 fpga using Altera's MicroBlaster firmware example.


It involves setting up the I/O according to the hardware to mimick how ByteBlaster would use a parallel port, then streaming a file out.


The I/O part is easy enough, but I am having trouble with the file I/O portion.


The firmware has no file system, so the standard fopen (etc) doesn't work. I'd like to simply have the contents of the programming file (.rbf) inserted into my firmware file at a known location so I can stream the data out of it without any fopen etc.


I can obviously add the .rbf file to my project window, but I have no idea how I would place it in a known location in flash and then provide fopen-like functionality to it.


Let me know if my problem is not clear and I will answer any questions.