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HCS08LG32 Pin Multiplex Question

Question asked by M Heimbach on Jan 30, 2010
Latest reply on Feb 26, 2010 by M Heimbach

Hi, I'm using the LG32 and wish to use GPIO pins as full complementary driver.  According to the LG32 manual:

 "Pins that have shared function with the LCD have special behavior based on the state of the VSUPPLY bits in the LCDSUPPLY register. These pins (PTA, PTB, PTC[4:0], PTD, PTE and PTG) can operate as full complementary drive or open drain drive depending on the VSUPPLY bits. When VLL3 is connected to VDD externally, VSUPPLY = 11, FCDEN = 1, and RVEN = 0; the pins operate as full complementary drive. For all other VSUPPLY modes, the GPIO shared with LCD operates as open drain. "


My problem is that I am unable to change the VSUPPLY to 11 or FCDEN to 1 (RVEN=0 by default).  When attempting to change these values in CodeWarrior using the memory window, my new values are not accepted.  I also cannot change the values in code.  I have also tried jumpering VLL3 to VDD externally and re-booting the board....still no success.

Any suggestions welcome.