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Problems with MCF52259 Demokit and TWR Kit board

Question asked by Walter Muth on Jan 28, 2010
Latest reply on Oct 29, 2010 by Walter Muth

Hi all,


my colleague stepped into debug and flashing problems on both boards. After working for weeks with the DEMO MCF52259 board he cant flash the board any more correctly. He gets the following behaviour.


He tries to flash it: see attached .pdf


Erase Command Succeeded 


Error: Blank Check failed


Program Command succeeded


Error: Verify failed


(Details : 10 data mismatches occur )



He tried now also the TWR MC52259 board and there is no difference. He told me that he did not do any config changes. But I think there must be something with the config files.


Tomorrow we will try to use the P&E USB-ML-CF with the J18(TGT_BDM) connector on the TWR board  but there is no documentation on this 26pin connector for the TWR MCF52259 board. Did someone use J18 ? Is OUT_EN of the JM60 (OSBDM) in the right state ( means is the OSBDM  JM60 disconnected?)


Any help would be appreciated. Thanks